Canvas Crawler

for Business Model Crunching

The Canvas Crawler is the main application for the Business Model Crunching project. It contains the Website and the Node.js backend coding.


  • Crawl Bing for new Canvases
  • Save Canvases to DB
  • Test the Recommendation Engine
  • Use the recommendation engine for the BMCr website


  1. Click the Deploy to Bluemix button below to import this repository into your running bluemix account.
  2. Change the following coding:
var username = "xxxxxxx-bluemix";
var password = "xxxxxxxxxx";

in beginning of the files:

crawler.js [line 5,6]
db.js [line 2,3]
quality.js [line 2,3]
recommender.js [line 2,3]
similarities.js [line 2,3]

You can find your data here:



To function properly this application needs the real recommendation engine which uses the python implementation of Gensim as engine.

Gensim Application Repository

Deploy to Bluemix