Anonymous committed 8c8cd64

Fixed the vim syntax file so the change to iskeyword is local to the templ buffer only.

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 call TemplCodeSnip("python")
 call TemplCodeSnip("xml")
 call TemplCodeSnip("html")
+call TemplCodeSnip("xhtml")
 call TemplCodeSnip("javascript")
 call TemplCodeSnip("css")
+call TemplCodeSnip("tex")
+call TemplCodeSnip("php")
+call TemplCodeSnip("yacc")
+call TemplCodeSnip("rest")
 " Tags inside comments
 syn     match       templDocTagTodo        "TODO\c"                    contained
 syn match templTag '{\@<=\_\s*[^{ \t\n\r"}]\+' contained containedin=templList contains=templKnownFunctions
 "Keywords can include any printable characters except space and curly braces.
-set iskeyword=33-122,124,126
+setlocal iskeyword=33-122,124,126
 call AddKnownFunction( "!=" )
 call AddKnownFunction( "!==" )
     description='Template Processing Language.',
+    data_files = [
+        ('misc', ['LICENSE.txt', 'README.txt', 'BUGS.txt', 'CHANGES.txt']),
+    ],
     entry_points = {
         "console_scripts" : [
             'templ = templ.templ:main',
-    data_files = [
-        ('misc', ['LICENSE.txt', 'README.txt', 'BUGS.txt', 'CHANGES.txt']),
-    ],
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