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Think I'm finished with README for now. Next, need to change the html include to a reST include, for bitbucket.

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             {p <<<
 A copy of the GNU Affero General Public License is available in the templ
-distribution under the file {link LICENSE.txt}. If you did not receive a copy of
+distribution under the file LICENSE.txt. If you did not receive a copy of
 this file, see {link ""}.
             >>> }
     {$ :NOW {stamp}}
     {$ :AGE {floor {div {- {$ :NOW} {$ :STAMP}} {* 60 60 24 365.25}}}}
     {echo {@ 0 {$ :ROW}} \", age \" {$ :AGE} \" years.\" {\\n} }
-                " } >>>
+    } >>>
         } % end section "Embedded Data"
+        {section "Programmatic Invocation"
+            <<< {p 
+                <<<The real power of {code templ} comes from the programmatic interface,
+                which allows you to predefine symbols, and even executables (functions, macros
+                and operators) in python, which are then accessible from the template.
+                Because, although {code templ} {em is} Turing complete, and you {em could} do all
+                of your processing directly in the template (or a separate included template), doing
+                advanced data processing in python can help keep your template files simpler.
+                >>>}
+            >>>}
     }} %end section Examples
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