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tome - Markup Language for Authors


Tome is a markup language and associated tool suite intended for authors, primarily authors of novels and other relatively simple "chapter books". Tome offers a simple an unobtrusive markup language that allows you to focus on the writing instead of the formatting and styling. The tool suite will parse your markup and generate output in a number of different formats including EPUB, text, and latex (from which you can use the standard latex tool chains to produce DVI, Postscript, or PDF).

Documentation is available in the doc/ folder of the repository, or look for the intro-*.pdf file on the Download page. There is also an example-*.tome document for a really quick start on writing tome documents.


You can install in a couple of ways:

From Source

You can get the source by cloning this repository or by downloading the source package from the Download page. Once you have the source, you can use python to install by simply executing:

python install

This should take care of installing Tome on your system, as well as the templ package which is required by Tome. On Unix like systems, you may need to have superuser priveledges to install the package.

From PyPi

You can also get tome from PyPi: From there you can download an appropriate distribution, or you can use pip to install it with:

pip install tome

Windows Binary Installer

A GUI installer program for Windows is available for the latest official release. You can get the installer from the Download section on PyPi or from the Downloads page on bitbucket.


Contact Information

This project is currently hosted on bitbucket, at The primary author is Brian Mearns: you can contact Brian through bitbucket at

You can also follow the project on twitter @TomeProject for general announcements and updates, or @TomeDevelopment for all commit announcements and development related messages (this is a pretty noisy stream).