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tome / CHANGES.txt

Rel 9 - v1.4.0.0 - 2013-05-01
    [n] Added outputFileList method to writeEpub. (cs d67265870ac0)

Rel 8 - v1.3.0.0 - 2013-04-30
    [n] Added META-* and UUID-* symbols to templ stack for writeEpub.
        (cs b826c1dac27f)
    [n] Added display-seq to dc:creator author list for writeEpub.
        (cs b826c1dac27f)

Rel 7 - v1.2.4.0 - 2013-04-26
    [p] A little better handling of UTF-8 and a few character accents.
        (cs ff19a2f)
    [p] Better handling for chapters with no titles. (cs 1c1c34012b80)

Rel 6 - v1.2.3.0 - 2013-04-08
    [n] Always add space at end of line, for things like quotes that close at
        the EOL. (cs 52df279)

Rel 5 - v1.2.2.0 - 2013-04-04
    [p] Fixed issue #23 - \thetype was not defined when generating draft latex.

Rel 4 - v1.2.1.0 - 2013-01-30
    [p] Fixed issue #22 - Wrong type checked in html-esc templ function.
    [p] Added rel="next" link to toc.xhtml in the default epub template.

Rel 3 - v1.2.0.0 - 2013-01-28
    [n] Added support for part- and book- title pages to EPUB output
        writer. (multiple cs, primarily the "epub parts and books"
    [n] Added the --front-page and --back-page command line options and
        corresponding __init__ options to EpubWriter to generated pages can
        properly link to static pages. (cs 0e8f853d02af)
    [n] Added html-esc templ function to EPUB writer, to escape a string for
        HTML. (cs 60d7f4a76f2c)

Rel 2 - v1.1.0.0 - 2013-01-25
    [n] Added processing of license related meta values for EPUB, to add
        custom links and notices for licenses.  (cs 6a97be950984)
    [n] Added roman-up and roman-low templ functions for EPUB format.
        (cs f73feb2e5096)
    [p] Fixed issue #21 - "Wrong href on nested notes."
    [p] Fixed issue #15 - Now multiple all subtitles show up correctly in
        Latex output.  (cs b72394764d3e)
    [p] Fixed issue #16 - Drop cap not used on preformatted paragraphs in
        Latex output.  (cs 843bf10bf572)
    [p] Removed ornate drop cap from Latex template.  (cs d82bd2d2d0d1)
    [p] Removed the builtin Creative Commons license notice in the default
        EPUB template.  (cs 98aa42598828)
    [s] Added some basic documentation in docs\intro.tome and
        doc\example.tome.  (multiple cs)

Rel 1 - v1.0.0.0 - 2013-01-24
    *Initial public release.