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Updated for web2py 1.97.1
Now includes create.html & add_category.load views since web2py no longer uses generic views due to potential security issues.

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+syntax: glob

File applications/select_or_add_option/views/product/add_category.load

+# License: Public Domain
+# Author: Iceberg at 21cn dot com
+With this generic.load file, you can use same function to serve two purposes.
+= regular action
+- ajax callback (when called with .load)
+Example modified from
+def index():
+    return dict(
+		part1='hello world',
+        	part2=LOAD(url=URL(r=request,f='auxiliary.load'),ajax=True))
+def auxiliary():
+    form=SQLFORM.factory(Field('name'))
+    if form.accepts(request.vars):
+        response.flash = 'ok' 
+        return dict(message="Hello %s" %
+    return dict(form=form)
+- no need to set response.headers['web2py-response-flash']
+- no need to return a string
+even if the function is called via ajax.
+'''}}{{if len(response._vars)==1:}}{{=response._vars.values()[0]}}{{else:}}{{=BEAUTIFY(response._vars)}}{{pass}}

File applications/select_or_add_option/views/product/create.html

+{{extend 'layout.html'}}
+<h1>Create a New Product</h1>


Binary file modified.