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Added failing test when lang code exists in URL.

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 urlpatterns = patterns('localeurl.tests.test_urls',
      url(r'^dummy/$', 'dummy', name='dummy0'),
      url(r'^dummy/(?P<test>.+)$', 'dummy', name='dummy1'),
+     url(r'^(.*)/$', 'dummy', name='catch_all'),
 def dummy(request, test='test'):


     def test_kwargs_none(self):
         url = reverse("dummy1", args=["test"], kwargs=None)
         self.assertEqual(url, "/en/dummy/test")
+    def test_lang_already_prepended(self):
+        url = reverse("catch_all", args=('/en/some-path/', ))
+        self.assertEqual(url, "/en/some-path/")
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