No further updates will be made to this Joomla component.

	This is the Joomla Component for the BMLT.
	This code is GPLV3.

	The BMLT Joomla! plugin comes as three components: 2 plugins and a component.
	As of version 1.2.17, they are all installed and uninstalled by a single file. Simply install the "" file.
	In order to uninstall, uninstall the component only. It will take care of the plugins.
	One plugin is a system plugin, and is required for all installs. BMLT won't work
	unless you install it and activate it.
	The other plugin is optional. It is an inline content plugin that allows you to
	insert an HTML comment (<!--BMLT-->) or a shortcode ([[BMLT]]) into the text of an article, and a
	BMLT search will appear there, in the same manner as the WordPress plugin.
	The component is required. It contains the administrative interface, as well as
	some important files that are necessary for the inline content plugin to work.
	The component is fairly straightforward. You simply specify "option=com_bmlt"
	in your URI, and a page opens up that is nothing but a full BMLT implementation.
	The inline plugin is a bit more involved, but gives you tremendous flexibility.
	In order to use it, you use the HTML view of an article to enter the following HTML text:
	This will integrate the BMLT directly into your page. You will probably need to play
	with the CSS in order to make it work properly in your page (See the commented-out section
	in the component's style.cpp file).
3.3.4 -
    - April 14, 2016
    - I've relented, and will try to make one more release of this plugin with the latest bmlt_table support.
3.0.29 -
    - January 10, 2016
    - Added support for a runtime language selector as a cookie. If you set a cookie named "bmlt_lang_selector," and set its simple string value to an ISO 639-1 or ISO 639-2 **SUPPORTED** language, that will select the client language.

3.0.28 -
    - August 15, 2015
    - Added Portuguese Translation.

3.0.27 -
    - May 25, 2015
    - Updated the base class (mostly CSS fixes).
3.0.26 -
    - January 31, 2015
    - Fixed an issue with the extra fields display in the regular shortcode display details.
    - Fixed an issue where the arbitrary fields were actually creating too many results.
    - Now hide the distance_in_km/miles parameters in the meeting details (these are internal parameters).

3.0.25 -
    - November 23, 2014
    - Fixed a CSS issue with the admin display map. Some themes (especially responsive ones) declare a global max-width for images. This hoses Google Maps, and has to be compensated for.
    - Added full support for arbitrary fields. This was an important capability that was left out after Version 3.X

    - July 31, 2014
    - Fixed an issue where some cURL calls were being rejected by tinfoil servers.
    - Fixed an admin issue, where new settings would display a bogus ID.

    - July 17, 2014
    - Added Danish localization, and fixed a minor admin bug.

    - June 25, 2014
    - Fixed some minor strict warnings.
    - February 23, 2014
    - This adds fixes for servers that run on non-standard TCP ports.

    - December 31, 2013
    - Addressed a bug that could affect the observer browser in some Internet Explorer sessions (AJAX bug).
    - December 7, 2013
    - Added French localization.
    - September 7, 2013
    - More tweaks to German localization.
    - Fixed some JavaScript issues with the [[bmlt_mobile]] shortcode.
    - July 1, 2013
    - Corrected German localization.
    - Added the ability to specify which day weeks begin (in Europe, it is common for weeks to begin on Monday).

    - May 22, 2013
    - Added German localization.

    - May 19, 2013
    - Fixed a small issue, in which entering text into the CSS field in the admin window would not "dirtify" the settings.
    - May 18, 2013
    - Fixed an issue, where the AJAX URI could get pooched.

    - May 16, 2013
    - Just some tweaks to reduce warnings and notices for uptight PHP servers.

    - May 13, 2013
    - Reduced the number of times that the marker redraw is called in the standard [[bmlt]] shortcode handler.
    - Fixed an issue with CSS that caused displayed maps to get funky.

    - May 5, 2013
    - Fixed a bug, in which the initial search results map would show too many "red" markers.
    - May 4, 2013
    - Fixed some warnings.
    - April 28, 2013
    - Added support for display of military time.
    - April 15, 2013
    - Fixed a couple of localization bugs. Now query Joomla for the localization tag.
    - TBD
    - Major rewrite with new default shortcode.
    - May 30, 2012
    - Made the installer Joomla 2.5 native.
    - May 13, 2012
    - Fixed a nasty bug in the admin interface that could create multiple empty settings.
    - March 28, 2012
    - Added an alert to the new map search, so that users are informed when there were no meetings found.
    - December 31, 2011
    - Moved the Joomla plugin to GitHub
    - Introduces some fixes for validation errors in the new map search.
    - Removed some errant CSS.
    - Now strip out the [[bmlt_mobile]] shortcode if the page is not a mobile page. This allows the shortcode to be used, as the comment version is stripped by "code cleaners."