Morel Bérenger committed c792c82

General configuration refactoring

Moved platform specific code in a separate function
Removed boost::filesystem dependencies from AppConfig
Add a TextFile::OpenFile method without boost parameters

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File src/gui/appconfig.cpp

 #include <utils/textfile.h>
-#ifdef WIN32
-#define HOME "HOMEPATH" ///\todo check that it should not be %APPDATA% instead of %HOMEPATH%
-#define HOME "HOME"
+#include "utils/utils.h"
-	boost::filesystem::path configDir;
 	// guess the directory where configuration is stored
-	///\todo use recommmandations for linux, and fallback on system variables if they are not supported on client computer
 	std::unique_ptr<TextFile> rootConfigFile;
-	std::string homepath(getenv("HOME"));
-	///\todo move that OS related code in an extern function
-	if(boost::filesystem::exists(homepath+"/.autorealm"))
-		configDir=boost::filesystem::path(homepath+".autorealm/");
-	else if(boost::filesystem::exists(homepath+"/.config/autorealm"))
-		configDir=boost::filesystem::path(homepath+"/.config/autorealm/");
 	// read global configuration
-	rootConfigFile=TextFile::OpenFile(boost::filesystem::path(configDir.string()+"config"));
+	///\todo split
+	rootConfigFile=TextFile::OpenFile(getPosixConfDir(),"config");
 	///\todo support incomplete file
 	for(uint8_t i=GRP_RES;i<LASTINDEX && !rootConfigFile->eofReached();++i)

File src/gui/appconfig.h

 #define APPCONFIG_H
 #include <string>
-#include <boost/filesystem.hpp>
+#include <vector>
 class TextFile;
-//#include <utils/textfile.h>
 #include "singleton.h"

File src/gui/splash.cpp

 #include <utils/utils.h>
+#include <boost/filesystem.hpp>

File src/pluginEngine/drawer.h

 #include "plugin.h"
 class RenderWindow;
-class Render::Vertex;
 class wxMouseEvent;
 class wxContextMenuEvent;
 class wxCommandEvent;

File src/utils/textfile.cpp

 	return std::unique_ptr<TextFile>(new TextFile(file));
+std::unique_ptr<TextFile> TextFile::OpenFile(std::string const &directory, std::string const &file)
+	return TextFile::OpenFile(boost::filesystem::path (directory+file));
 std::unique_ptr<TextFile> TextFile::CreateFile(boost::filesystem::path const &file)

File src/utils/textfile.h

 	static std::unique_ptr<TextFile> OpenFile(boost::filesystem::path const &path);
+	static std::unique_ptr<TextFile> OpenFile(std::string const &directory, std::string const &file);
     /** \brief create and open an inexisting file
      *	\param file boost::filesystem::path const& name of the file to open

File src/utils/utils.cpp

 #include <wx/image.h>
+#ifdef WIN32
+#define HOME "HOMEPATH" ///\todo check that it should not be %APPDATA% instead of %HOMEPATH%
+#define HOME "HOME"
+#include <boost/filesystem.hpp>
 wxBitmap loadImage(std::string const & fileName)
 	return wxBitmap(wxImage(AppConfig::buildPath(AppConfig::INFO::GRP_RES)+fileName));
+std::string getPosixConfDir(void)
+	///\todo find a better solution to follow's recommmandations
+	std::string homepath(getenv("HOME"));
+	if(boost::filesystem::exists(homepath+"/.autorealm"))
+		return boost::filesystem::path(homepath+".autorealm/").string();
+	else if(boost::filesystem::exists(homepath+"/.config/autorealm"))
+		return boost::filesystem::path(homepath+"/.config/autorealm/").string();
+#ifndef WIN32
+	else if(boost::filesystem::exists("/etc/autorealm"))
+		return boost::filesystem::path("/etc/autorealm").string();
+	throw std::runtime_error("configuration not found");

File src/utils/utils.h

 	return nullptr;
+std::string getPosixConfDir(void);
 #endif // UTILS_H