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Nuclear_Morphology / methods / Migrating data between versions

If only the minor or bugfix version number is different (the y and z in version x.y.z), a dataset created in a previous version can be opened.

Datasets saved by versions of the program with a different major numbers (the x in version x.y.z) cannot be opened in later versions.

If however a dataset has become corrupted, and will not open properly in a newer version of the software, the cell locations can be extracted, so any manual curation is not lost.

##Extracting cell locations

Clusters and manually curated groups of nuclei can be copied over from older to newer versions.

1) in the older version of the program, select the dataset you want to export, right click and select the 'Save cell locations' option.


This will export a .cell file with the dataset name into the analysis folder. The '.cell' file contains a description of the nuclei in the dataset, and all the children of that dataset.

2) Update the software to the newest version, and run nucleus detection on the original images, to create a new dataset:


3) From the right-click menu select 'Relocate cells':


4) Choose the '.cell' file you exported earlier:


The matching cells from the selected dataset will be added as new child datasets: