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Nuclear_Morphology / methods / Opening a saved dataset

Datasets are automatically saved when an analysis is complete as a .nmd file.

The default save location is a folder in the image directory with the analysis date and time. The default save file name is the name of the folder containing the images.

For example, if a folder of images called C:\Images\Testing was analysed at 10:05am on the 1st June 2016, the .nmd file would be saved to C:\Images\Testing\2016-06-01_10-05-00\Testing.nmd.

To load a saved dataset, either click the 'Load analysis dataset' button in the top panel, and select the appropriate .nmd file.

Alternatively, drag and drop the .nmd file(s) into the program window.

If you have saved a group of datasets as a workspace, drag and drop the workspace file onto the program window to reopen all those datasets at once.