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 installable from PyPI.  Jinja, the template engine, is included as a
 SVN external.
+Converting the LaTeX sources
+**This paragraph is obsolete.**  The conversion has been done, and reST docs
+trees are now maintained for 2.6 and 3.0 branches.
 For the rest of this document, let's assume that you have a Python
 checkout (you need the 2.6 line, i.e. the trunk -- the SVN URL for readonly
 access is in ~/devel/python
 Then, create a target directory and run ::
    mkdir build-html
-   python -b html sources build-html
+   python -b html Doc-26 build-html
 This will create HTML files in the ``build-html`` directory.
 First, you need to build the source with the "web" builder::
    mkdir build-web
-   python -b web sources build-web
+   python -b web Doc-26 build-web
 This will create files with pickled contents for the web application
 in the target directory.
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