AUI is the Atlassian User Interface library. It is provided as a plugin for use in Atlassian products.


Component documentation and release notes can be found at

Quick Start Guide

The AUI build uses the Atlassian reference application (REFAPP) for development and testing. The simplest way to ensure you have the dependencies covered is to install the Atlassian Plugin SDK.

To run the full build, execute:

mvn clean install

...from the root of your AUI checkout. You must do this at least once before you can run the refapp.

To run the refapp, execute:

mvn refapp:run

...from the /auiplugin-tests/ subdirectory. Once this has started, you should be able to view the refapp at http://localhost:9999/ajs/.

Key refapp URLS:

http://localhost:9999/ajs/                                                       - Landing page for the AUI refapp
http://localhost:9999/ajs/plugins/servlet/ajstest/test-pages/index.html          - Clickable samples for manual testing
http://localhost:9999/ajs/plugins/servlet/ajstest/unit-tests/tests/allTests.html - QUnit tests

Source Contents

auiplugin/                                              - The AUI plugin itself
auiplugin/src/demo                                      - Samples show the usage of AUI components
auiplugin/src/main/resources/                           - The contents of the AUI plugin including JS and CSS
auiplugin-tests/                                        - A plugin for tests of all kinds
auiplugin-tests/src/test/java/                          - The Selenium tests
auiplugin-tests/src/main/resources/test-pages           - The samples as used in manual and automated testing
auiplugin-tests/src/main/resources/unit-tests/tests/js  - The qunit tests


Each component should have a basic sample available in the auiplugin/test-pages folder. There are two copies of the samples folder to allow each to evolve to their needs. The one in auiplugin/src/demo is for developer examples and the one in auiplugin-tests/src/main/resources/test-pages is for manual and automated testing.


Run the tests with the following commands. (The browser is automatically installed for your OS):

mvn install

To choose another browser installed on your machine, use:

mvn install -Dselenium.browser="*firefox /Applications/"

To debug, start the refapp. You can then view the test pages, run the qunit tests, or execute Selenium tests from your IDE:

cd auiplugin-tests
mvn refapp:run

To skipping running the tests, add the '-Dmaven.test.skip' flag, eg:

mvn clean install -Dmaven.test.skip

To run/debug AUI in a different product context, say, Confluence:

cd auiplugin-tests
mvn refapp:run -Dproduct=confluence

Run/debug AUI in a different product, say, Confluence, and a specific version:

cd auiplugin-tests
mvn refapp:run -Dproduct=confluence -Dproduct.version=3.5-m1

New component quick start

If you want to add a new component into AUI the following command will help you generate the files required

mvn auicomponent:generate