How to Think Like a Computer Scientist, Interactive Edition


There are a couple of prerequisites you need to satisfy before you can build and use this eBook.

First get Sphinx, Version 1.1 is current as of this writing.


Follow the instructions there to download and install Sphinx.

Next, get our eBook extensions You can check these out from our mercurial repository at:


Once you've got the repo just type python setup.py install and the extensions to sphinx needed for this book will be installed in your site-packages directory.

Building the Book

Once you the above installed, you can type make html from the command line and that will build the book. You can find the build results in the build directory.

Browser Notes

Note, because this interactive edition makes use of lots of html5 and javascript I highly recommend either Chrome, or Safari. Firefox 6+ works too, but has proven to be less reliable than the first two. I have no idea whether this works at all under later versions of Internet Explorer.