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 import (
-	"io"
+	"io"
 // A parsed ID3v2 header as defined in Section 3 of
 	Size              int32
-var ID3v22Tags = map[string]string {
+var ID3v22Tags = map[string]string{
 	"TAL": "album",
 	"TRK": "track",
 	"TP1": "artist",
 	"TCO": "genre",
-var ID3v23Tags = map[string]string {
+var ID3v23Tags = map[string]string{
 	"TALB": "album",
 	"TRCK": "track",
 	"TPE1": "artist",
 	"TLEN": "length",
-var ID3v24Tags = map[string]string {
+var ID3v24Tags = map[string]string{
 	"TALB": "album",
 	"TRCK": "track",
 	"TPE1": "artist",
 	return file, nil
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