nii - ncurses ii interface
nii is an ncurses interface to the ii[1] irc client that uses inotify (in Linux)
or kqueue (in BSD) to monitor a filetree created by ii and displays the 'out'
files and writes to the 'in' files for each channel and server directory created
by ii.

Edit config.mk to match your local machine's configuration. nii is installed to
/usr/local by default.

Then enter the following commands to build and install:

$ make 


$ make install

(as root if necessary)

Running nii
Simply invoke the 'nii' command with the required arguments.

NOTE: For nii to function smoothly you must apply the ii-1.4-autojoin.diff
      patch. You may, rather, want to apply the ii-1.4-joinuser.diff patch, but
      you cannot apply both, since the joinuser patch includes the autojoin
      patch. See the ii patches page[2] for an explaination of the patches.