Robert Lowry committed 45a79b2

got working in BSD (requiring gsed.) at least it works

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+if uname | grep BSD > /dev/null
+	export SED=gsed
+	export SED=sed
 reset="$(tput sgr0)"
 bold="$(tput bold)"
 bg_cyan="$(tput setab 6)"
 bg_white="$(tput setab 7)"
-cw $1 $2 | sed -e "s/^\([-0-9]\{10,10\}\) \([:0-9]\{5,5\}\) <\([^ \t\r\n\v\f]*\)>/${yellow}\1 ${green}\2${reset} <${cyan}\3${reset}>/" \
+cw $1 $2 | $SED -e "s/^\([-0-9]\{10,10\}\) \([:0-9]\{5,5\}\) <\([^ \t\r\n\v\f]*\)>/${yellow}\1 ${green}\2${reset} <${cyan}\3${reset}>/" \
               -e "s/^\([-0-9]\{10,10\}\) \([:0-9]\{5,5\}\) \(-!-\)/${yellow}\1 ${green}\2${reset} ${magenta}\3${reset}/" \
               -e "s/^\([-0-9]\{10,10\}\) \([:0-9]\{5,5\}\)/${yellow}\1 ${green}\2${reset}/" \
               -e "s/$NICK/\a${red}&${reset}/g" 
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