1. Robert Lowry
  2. ptorrent


ptorrent / bencode.h

 * C implementation of a bencode decoder.
 * This is the format defined by BitTorrent:
 *  http://wiki.theory.org/BitTorrentSpecification#bencoding
 * The only external requirements are a few [standard] function calls and
 * the long long type.  Any sane system should provide all of these things.
 * This is released into the public domain.
 * Written by Mike Frysinger <vapier@gmail.com>.

 *  - pass the string full of the bencoded data to be_decode()
 *  - parse the resulting tree however you like
 *  - call be_free() on the tree to release resources

#ifndef _BENCODE_H
#define _BENCODE_H

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {

typedef enum {
} be_type;

struct be_dict;
struct be_node;

 * XXX: the "val" field of be_dict and be_node can be confusing ...

typedef struct be_dict {
	char *key;
	struct be_node *val;
} be_dict;

typedef struct be_node {
	be_type type;
	union {
		char *s;
		long long i;
		struct be_node **l;
		struct be_dict *d;
	} val;
} be_node;

extern long long be_str_len(be_node *node);
extern be_node *be_decode(const char *bencode);
extern be_node *be_decoden(const char *bencode, long long bencode_len);
extern be_node *be_dict_lookup(be_node *dict, const char *key);
extern unsigned char *be_sha1_node(be_node *node, unsigned char *buf);
extern void be_free(be_node *node);
extern void be_dump(be_node *node);

#ifdef __cplusplus