Sebastian Ramacher avatar Sebastian Ramacher committed 90e21a5

Fix test_substring_attribute_complete

Classes in Python 3.x have a __prepare__ method, so substring matching finds two
methods for 'ar'.

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     def test_substring_attribute_complete(self):
         self.repl = FakeRepl({'autocomplete_mode': autocomplete.SUBSTRING})
-        self.repl.input_line = ""
-        self.repl.current_word = ""
+        self.repl.input_line = ""
+        self.repl.current_word = ""
-        code = "class Foo():\n\tdef bar(self):\n\t\tpass\n"
+        code = "class Foo():\n\tdef baz(self):\n\t\tpass\n"
         for line in code.split("\n"):
-            [''])
+            ['Foo.baz'])
     def test_fuzzy_attribute_complete(self):
         self.repl = FakeRepl({'autocomplete_mode': autocomplete.FUZZY})
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