Django simple snippet help you manage snippet of code in various
language, Easy to install, easy to use, Django snippet let you order
snippets with tags, authors and languages they are coded with.

Django simple snippet also let you write a documentation on your code to
easily copy/paste/use your snippets in all of your projects.

Django simple snippet include a set of template based on Twitter Bootstrap to
help you start immediatly using django simple snippet.

Django simple snippet is also totaly usable with haystack for search in your
snippets and a search_index is already providen.

More information can be found in the  `docs/build/html
<docs/build/index.html>`_  directory


Install Instructions are quite simple. Just install the requirements
(either with the providen require.txt or using a regular package

rename django-simple-snippet as snippet

Then add snippet to the list of INSTALLED_APPS

django-simple-snippet use 'django.contrib.markup' for rendering the
description of your snippets.

It also user django-registration for the registration process.



        INSTALLED_APPS = (

then, you should run


    ./ syncdb

to create the needed models

snippet rely on the admin app to let you edit the language allowed to
be used. If you do not want to use the admin, you should do the
following :


    ./ shell

    from snippet.models import Language

    Language.objects.create(name=<your language>,
                        description=<a fancy description
                        about your beloved language>)

You also need to modify your root urls to link to the needed urls for exemple:


    url(r'', include('registration.urls')),
    url(r'^accounts/profile/', 'snippet.views.profile'),
    url(r'^snippet/', include('snippet.urls')),

A note about django-registration


    For your convenience, snippet use django registration to manage
    the user creation process and the login and logout. Templates for
    registrations are avalaible in the snippet/templates/regisration
    directory. If you do not whant to use this app, you must provide a
    auth_login, auth_logout and an acount_profile urls.


Login, click on "add a snippet", chose your language, copy your code,
add a description and a set of tags and your in.


- simply copy n' paste code extract known as snippets

- automatic colored syntax of your snippets based on a uge amount of
  languages (based on `pygments <>`_)

- descriptions in `markdown <>`_ for rich text edition

- templates already here for fast deployment

- share and find easily with everything needed to plus a full text
  search engine like `haystack <>`_

- tag your snippets for rapid usage

- subscribe to rss feeds to get fresh new snippets


This app is distributed using the `GPLv3 <>`_. Licence file is providen in
the app

Planned Features

- subscribe to a user/tag/language snippet rss feed

- bookmark snippets you liked

- let you tweet the snippet you like or you just created