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import os
from mezzanine import template
from urllib import quote, unquote
from mezzanine.conf import settings
from import default_storage
from PIL import Image, ImageFile, ImageOps
from django.core.files import File

register = template.Library()

def bwthumbnail(image_url, width, height, quality=95):
    Given the URL to an image, resizes the image using the given width and
    height on the first time it is requested, and returns the URL to the new
    resized image. if width or height are zero then original ratio is
    if not image_url:
        return ""

    image_url = unquote(unicode(image_url))
    if image_url.startswith(settings.MEDIA_URL):
        image_url = image_url.replace(settings.MEDIA_URL, "", 1)
    image_dir, image_name = os.path.split(image_url)
    image_prefix, image_ext = os.path.splitext(image_name)
    filetype = {".png": "PNG", ".gif": "GIF"}.get(image_ext, "JPEG")
    thumb_name = "%s-%sx%s%s" % (
        image_prefix + '_bw',
    thumb_dir = os.path.join(settings.MEDIA_ROOT, image_dir,
    if not os.path.exists(thumb_dir):
    thumb_path = os.path.join(thumb_dir, thumb_name)
    thumb_url = "%s/%s" % (settings.THUMBNAILS_DIR_NAME,
    image_url_path = os.path.dirname(image_url)
    if image_url_path:
        thumb_url = "%s/%s" % (image_url_path, thumb_url)

        thumb_exists = os.path.exists(thumb_path)
    except UnicodeEncodeError:
        # The image that was saved to a filesystem with utf-8 support,
        # but somehow the locale has changed and the filesystem does not
        # support utf-8.
        from mezzanine.core.exceptions import FileSystemEncodingChanged
        raise FileSystemEncodingChanged()
    if thumb_exists:
        # Thumbnail exists, don't generate it.
        return thumb_url
    elif not default_storage.exists(image_url):
        # Requested image does not exist, just return its URL.
        return image_url

    image =
    image_info =
    width = int(width)
    height = int(height)

    # If already right size, don't do anything.
    if width == image.size[0] and height == image.size[1]:
        return image_url
    # Set dimensions.
    if width == 0:
        width = image.size[0] * height / image.size[1]
    elif height == 0:
        height = image.size[1] * width / image.size[0]
    if image.mode not in ("L", "RGBA"):
        image = image.convert("RGBA")
    image = ImageOps.grayscale(image)  # convert to black and white
    # Required for progressive jpgs.
    ImageFile.MAXBLOCK = image.size[0] * image.size[1]
        image =, (width, height), Image.ANTIALIAS)
        image =, filetype, quality=quality, **image_info)
        # Push a remote copy of the thumbnail if MEDIA_URL is
        # absolute.
        if "://" in settings.MEDIA_URL:
            with open(thumb_path, "r") as f:
      , File(f))
    except Exception:
        # If an error occurred, a corrupted image may have been saved,
        # so remove it, otherwise the check for it existing will just
        # return the corrupted image next time it's requested.
        except Exception:
        return image_url
    return thumb_url