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I know you're impatient. So am I. Here you go!

Get the Code

Either ownload the current version from github or bitbucket or you check out the source code from bitbucket or github.


hg clone https://bitbucket.org/bobschi/html5-jekyll-template


git clone git://github.com/bobschi/html5-jekyll-template.git

Run it

Now just navigate to the new directory in the shell of your choice, and execute jekyll.

cd html5-jekyll-template

Now start work! ;)


Some of you may now my HTML5-Boilerplate-Jekyll-Template which was, like it's name, hastely thrown together when I wanted to get my blog up and running. It was quick and dirty. And it didn't really work out all too well for me. I never learned how to use the included tools. Looking at the code was a great learning opportunity, but it was simply too much for me. I never liked using tools like SASS oder LESS, and there were too many assumptions included about what I was going to use (jQuery, Google Analytics, etc.). By no means HTML5Boilerplate is bad. It is a great community effort. It is a great tool if you know how to use it. But it is not what I need. It is a swiss army knife, when all that I needed was a hammer.


This is a starting point, with some basic templates and code in place to make your life easier. HTML5 and CSS3 compliant, as there's not much that could create trouble. Mind you: This is a starting point. You will have to add to it. I will share another version of this soon, which will include Foundation, #grid and Disqus, as I have decided to redesign my blog using those tools.


Shared under The Unlicense. See LICENSE.md. Basically, do whatever you want with it. Have fun. Share. Create. Be awesome.


A special thanks to Markus "Cypher" Prinz who brought me to Jekyll and Github Pages in the first place.

A shout out to Vito Botta for his blog post Migrating from Wordpress to Jekyll - Part 2: Everything you need to know about Jekyll -- I've found some pretty helpful hints in there.

Thank you Paul Irish and the numerous commiters to the HTML5 Boilerplate project on github -- you guys are awesome.

Another shoutout to Jacques Fortier for his postmore plugin!

Find Your Way Around

Those are the basic folders you will normally set up for jekyll, your basic page and your posts and content, and some of the basic resources you will need.

+-- _includes
|   `-- FILLME
+-- _layouts
|   |-- default.html
|   `-- post.html
+-- _plugins
|   |-- FILLME
|   `-- README.md
+-- _posts
|   |-- 1970-1-1-hello-world.md
|   |-- 1971-1-1-hello-world.md
|   |-- 1972-1-1-hello-world.md
|   |-- 1973-1-1-hello-world.md
+-- _site
+-- css
|   `-- style.css
+-- js
|   `-- FILLME
|-- _config.yml
|-- about.md
|-- atom.xml
|-- index.html
`-- rss.xml

Some of the files are still missing. They will be added shortly.

Libraries Used