Arduino-based binary clock on a 4x4 LED matrix

The 4x4 matrix will show the current time in a binary coded decimal format (see 

Stuff needed:

- Arduino board (e.g. UNO)
- 4x4 LED Matrix (i.e. 16 LEDs, 4 resistors)
- 2 pushbuttons (optional for setting the clock)
- Optional: case for the matrix

Files in the repository:

- Binary_Matrix_Clock_4x4.ino : Arduino code (you will need the time.h library)
- binary_circuit.png : The circuit description (not very accurate, but you will get the idea)
- clock.wrl and clock.png : A 3d-printable, textured case for the LED matrix (see also
- license.txt : The license for all the stuff in the repository (GPL)

See for a description and some images of the setup in action.