1. Bogdan Varlamov
  2. 2013_03_23


Bogdan Varlamov  committed 2b27b5f

adding the more robust query which eliminates the problem of false positives from multiple reservations for the same room

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+--can't declare variables in sql ce
+-- so i've got the dates hardcoded in there for this example
+--we want all the room numbers that aren't in the conflict set
+SELECT 	RoomNum
+FROM 	Reservations
+(--this get's all of the conflicting reservations
+	SELECT        RoomNum
+	FROM          Reservations AS innerRS
+	WHERE        (Start BETWEEN '2013-02-14' AND  '2013-02-17')
+			  OR ([End] BETWEEN '2013-02-14' AND '2013-02-17')