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Bogdan Varlamov  committed cabd603

updating comments and adding readme to describe what's happening

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File 1_InterviewAnswer.sql

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 -- and so only rooms 1,3,4 are returned
 -- however, this query only works if nobody ever reserves the same room 
--- more than once (see update.sql file where more reservations are added)
+-- more than once 
 SELECT        RoomNum
 FROM            Reservations
 WHERE        ([End] < '2013-02-14') OR

File 2_MoreReservations.sql

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+-- this will create a new reservation for room 2
+-- it will not conflict with the test reservation from the first query
+-- cause the room number 2 to be returned, even though there is another
+-- reservation for room 2 which DOES conflict
+-- (so room 2 should not be returned in the list of available rooms)
 INSERT INTO Reservations(RoomNum, Start, [End])
 VALUES        (2, '2013-06-01', '2013-06-05')

File README.txt

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+The files are numbered in the order of which to view/execute them
+i.e. "1_*" should be read/executed before "2_*"