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Go Menu

The Go Menu is a command line utility providing a menu drive interface to connect to various servers. It uses a CSV file to create a dialog for selecting a given resource.

This may be useful if:

  • You have a lot of servers to which you frequently connect via SSH.
  • You run an SSH server from which connections to other servers are allowed.
  • You enjoy graphical menus.


The Go Menu currently requires Bash and dialog.


Simply run make install from the gomenu directory. By default the go command is installed in /opt/bin. But you can change this by specify a prefix like so:

make install PREFIX=/path/to/my/preferred/bin


The go command reads resources from a CSV file located in one of the following locations:

$HOME/.gomenu/resources.csv /etc/gomenu/resources.csv /opt/gomenu/resources.csv

These files are read in the order above. The columns of the CSV are as follows:

  • name - The name of the resource. Required. Cannot contain a space.
  • organization - A short code or abbreviation representing the organization that owns the resource. Required. Limited to 3 or 4 characters.
  • comment - A brief comment or description of the resource. Required. Limited to about 30 characters.
  • host - The actual host name that is the target of the connection. Required.
  • port - TCP port. Required, but defaults to 22.
  • user - The user name for the connection. Optional. Defaults to whoami.
  • protocol - Not implemented. Defaults to ssh. This is a placeholder for possibly implementing other protocols in the future.

Here some examples:

MsPiggy,ACME,Windows File Server,mspiggy.example.com RedHat6,ABC,Web Server,redhat6.example.com,4894 Venus,ACME,Web Server,venus.example.com,4894,bob


The Go Menu is licensed under the MIT License. See LICENSE.txt for more info.