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The document hosted in this repository is available in text, html and pdf formats at

To generate the latest version of these documents:

  1. You need a computer with an unrestricted access to the Internet and Docker installed; instructions exist for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. (For Linux, make sure that you can run docker as a user.)

  2. Go to the Downloads section, click on "Download repository", save the zip file and extract the directory that it contains.

  3. Launch a terminal (for Windows and Mac OS X a "Docker Quickstart Terminal") in the project directory and execute the command


    to create the documents. If you end up with permission errors, try to make the build as an admin

    ./docker/build --force

    and fix the permissions of the generated files afterward if you need to.

The third step may take a while because you download a large docker image. Subsequent builds will be much faster.

For power users:

  • You can use git to fetch the project files.

    On Windows and Mac OS X, make sure that your git installation is configured to preserve Linux line endings.

  • You can avoid docker and go native (at least for Linux).

    The approach above encapsulates all the project software dependencies in a docker image and should be the most convenient, but is not mandatory. There is a top-level build script that you can use instead of docker/build. You can also have a look at the Dockerfile of the boisgera/doc image to have a list of the software that you need to install manually.