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Saar Drimer  committed a97ecdb

added a switch to suppress documentation generation

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File pcbmode.py

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                       action='store_true', dest='no_flashes', default=False,
                       help='Do not add pad flashes to Gerbers')
+    argp.add_argument('--no-docs',
+                      action='store_true', dest='no_docs', default=False,
+                      help='Do not generate documentation text (makes compilation time shorter)')
     argp.add_argument('--renumber-refdefs', nargs='?',
                       dest='renumber', default=False,
                       help="Renumber refdefs (valid options are 'top_to_bottom', 'bottom_to_top', 'left_to_right', 'right_to_left'")
         cfg['board']['no_flashes'] = False
+    if cmdline_args.no_docs is True:
+        cfg['board']['no_docs'] = True
+    else:
+        cfg['board']['no_docs'] = False
     return cfg

File utils/board.py

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     documentation = cfg['board'].get('documentation') or None
     style = utils.dict_to_style(cfg['layout_style']['documentation'].get('default'))
-    if documentation is not None:
+    # generate documentation if exists and not suppressed through
+    # commandline argument --no-docs
+    if (documentation is not None) and (cfg['board']['no_docs'] is False):
         for text_block in documentation:
             block = documentation[text_block]