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ejucovy  committed 5cd5e87

whoops, that's not how i structured the data

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File trac_gitolite/perm_manager.py

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                 if user not in perms[repo][perm]:
-            system_user_perms = perms.get(self.gitolite_admin_real_reponame, {}).get(self.gitolite_admin_system_user, [])
-            if 'R' not in system_user_perms or 'W' not in system_user_perms:
+            gitolite_admin_perms = perms.get(self.gitolite_admin_real_reponame, {})
+            if (self.gitolite_admin_system_user not in gitolite_admin_perms.get('R', []) or
+                self.gitolite_admin_system_user not in gitolite_admin_perms.get('W', [])):
                 add_warning(req, _('Read and write permissions on the gitolite admin repo must not be revoked for user %s -- otherwise this plugin will no longer work!' % self.gitolite_admin_system_user))
                 req.redirect(req.href.admin(category, page))