ejucovy committed a19cd26

don't delete info about users (or groups) who are listed in gitolite.conf but not present in keydir

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             req.redirect(req.href.admin(category, page))
         perms = self.read_config()
+        users_listed_in_perms = set()
         flattened_perms = set()
         for p in perms.values():
             for perm in p:
+                users_listed_in_perms.update(p[perm])
         flattened_perms = list(flattened_perms)
         def sort_perms(perms):
             tail = []
             return perms
         flattened_perms = sort_perms(flattened_perms)
-        data = {'repositories': perms, 'permissions': flattened_perms, 'users': list(self.get_users()),
+        data = {'repositories': perms, 'permissions': flattened_perms, 
+                'users': sorted(list(set(self.get_users() + users_listed_in_perms))),
                 'sort_perms': sort_perms}
         return 'admin_repository_permissions.html', data
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