Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Default avatar ejucovy
Let users include newlines in derivation templates
ejucovy avatarejucovy
collapse the ExcludedFields and DerivedFields policies
ejucovy avatarejucovy
implement a new policy that lets the user specify genshi templates to derive new ticket fields from the old ticket's fields
ejucovy avatarejucovy
allow configuration of the form action and method, to clone a ticket to a different trac
ejucovy avatarejucovy
whoops, i guess it's reST, not markdown?
ejucovy avatarejucovy
Fix markdown in README
ejucovy avatarejucovy
add license and long_description metadata
ejucovy avatarejucovy
configurable ticket_clone_permission setting (defaults to TICKET_ADMIN)
ejucovy avatarejucovy
Initial commit of NewTicketLikeThisPlugin and pluggable cloning-policy framework
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