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+Adds user picture icons (avatars) to Trac.
+Credit goes to Michael Bayer for the idea -- and most of the code -- in https://bitbucket.org/zzzeek/tracvatar
+The avatar engine is configurable, and two are provided in this
+package: a GravatarProvider that looks up the user's email address at
+Gravatar, and a UserManagerProvider that uses internally hosted images
+provided by the Trac UserManager Plugin if it is installed: http://trac-hacks.org/wiki/UserManagerPlugin
+The approach of the plugin is to filter specific Trac views, gather
+all the authors found in the "data" hash being passed to Genshi, then
+using Genshi filters to insert additional avatar nodes with the proper
+img tags. 
+Currently supported views are:
+ * Timeline
+ * Ticket details: reporter, owner, comments, comment diffs
+ * Attachment views (on tickets, wiki pages, etc)
+ * Source control views (directory listings, file contents, changesets)
+ * Report and custom query views
+ * Wiki history, diffs and individual versions
+ * Search results
+This is, more or less, all the places where users show up in a
+standard Trac instance.  If you find any other places where icons
+should also be inserted, whether in a standard Trac installation or in
+a view provided by your favorite plugin, please submit an issue or a
+Patches implementing additional avatar engines are also welcome.
+== Installation ==
+Install the plugin in your favorite way (python setup.py develop,
+uploading an egg, etc) and then enable its components in trac.ini like
+  [components]
+  userpictures.* = enabled
+You should then choose your preferred avatar engine.  For Gravatar::
+  [userpictures]
+  pictures_provider = UserPicturesGravatarProvider
+For UserManager, ensure that the UserManager plugin is installed, and
+  [userpictures]
+  pictures_provider = UserPicturesUserManagerProvider
+If you do not explicitly select either engine, a default provider is
+used which displays a blank silhouette for every user.
+There are a number of optional "size" settings for each view; these
+are set to sensible defaults that are designed to look good with a
+standard Trac install and the stylesheet provided by this plugin, but
+look at the source in userpictures/__init__.py (and the CSS in
+userpictures/htdocs/userpictures.css) if you really want to change the
+way the icons are displayed.