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+![Levee is][Capitan Video]
+This project was hosted at <http://www.pell.chi.il.us/~orc/Code/levee/>.
+Original author is David L Parsons and he said that:
+Levee is my attempt to write a vi clone. It was originally written for
+USCD Pascal I.5 on the Terak 8510a, ported to USCD Pascal 4.0 on the
+Sage and Pinnacle 68000-based microcomputers, ported back to I.5, but
+rewritten in P2 (a Pascal derivative language I wrote in 1983 or
+thereabouts), rewritten in Pascal for an MP/M box, then my friend John
+Tainter and I re-re-rewrote it in C so we could run it on our
+newly-purchased Atari 520STs in 1985 (then I rewrote it for FlexOS when
+I was working at CPT in Los Angeles North (Minneapolis, Minn, which is
+not my favorite city). When Atari began to roll belly-up, we both
+abandoned that platform for PCs and re-re-re-re-etc-wrote it for MS-DOS,
+and when I started using Linux in 1992 I rewrote it AGAIN for Linux,
+then used it off and on until I discovered nvi (and, after a few more
+years, Caldera freed the real vi, so I abandoned nvi for that).
+But, be that as it may, **levee** is still pretty tiny (37k executable when
+linked against termcap on Mastodon), so it’s hard to beat its disk size.
+3.4p has been reworked so that it can be configured with configure.sh,
+and has the additional minor feature that it better supports consoles
+and gui windows that come in different sizes. This is the first
+new-feature-release in quite some time (I believe the last feature went
+into levee sometime prior to 1998).
+This release is thanks to Felipe Augusto van de Wiel, from the Debian
+Linux project, who sent me mail on 15-Jun-2007 asking if I’d be willing
+to accept some patches and roll levee up to a new release so that Debian
+wouldn’t be carrying around a decade’s worth of differences from the
+baseline. I’ve not gotten his patches yet (version 3.4q will no doubt
+follow 3.4p in quick succession,) but after he sent me the mail I got
+the whim to build levee on a freeBSD box. That didn’t work (and it
+didn’t work in a fairly spectacular fashion,) so I spent 5 hours putting
+in autoconfigure via configure.sh, replacing the old “*here are a dozen
+or so settings you have to set by hand*” arrangement with one that
+doesn’t involve getting a Masters degree in Levee coding. It’s uncertain
+whether configure.sh will get along with dos, the atari.st, rmx, or
+flexos (signs say “no”), but you should be able to run configure.sh on a
+Unix machine, then export the configured code to your
+dos/atari/rmx/flexos box and build it there.
+3.4o has no features that haven’t been in levee since the late 1980s,
+but it compiles cleanly with cc -Wall, which is important, I guess.
+And, just in case you’re wondering, no, I never watched the Captain
+Video TV show when I was young – I don’t even think I was aware of the
+name except as a silly name until just recently – I just liked the funny
+juxtiposition of names.
+David Parsons 2007/06/16
+   [Capitan Video]: levee/raw/default/levee.gif

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