1. Oleksandr Bolotov
  2. PyUt


(this is Pyut's README file. For more informations, see http://pyut.sf.net)

1. PYUT ?
Pyut stands for Python UML Tool. Actually, Pyut is only a class diagram editor,
but this will evolute very soon...

2. WEB
You can reach the Pyut's web site on http://pyut.sf.net, or 
download Pyut's latest version on http://www.sf.net/projects/pyut

3. Build environment
Please see the INSTALL file

We all hope that you'll enjoy Pyut,
The Pyut's team : C.Dutoit, many patch submitters, many translators

4. File format
.put is gzipped xml : zlib.decompress(open(filename, "r").read())