NOTE: This repository was migrated to GitHub: Phaser Chains at GitHub


Phaser Chains is an alternative but improved place to browse the Phaser API and docs. With this service you don't need to navigate into the tree of the
Phaser types and methods, you only need to write the method (or method chain) you are interested about and the matching Phaser API is shown, together with the documentation.

Just try with the Phaser Chains website, but it is also avaiable as Brackets extension or (at this date March/2015) in the Phaser official website to search on the documentation.

We recommend Phaser Editor, it includes Phaser Chains and many other features.

Integration with Brackets

You can install a Phaser Chains extension in Brackets, it is available in the Global Brackets Registery so you can open the Extension Manager and search for "Phaser Chains". One time the extension is installed, you can open (View > Phaser Chains) a bottom panel with Phaser Chains embedded in.

Eclipse native installer

There is a native plugin for Eclipse. To install it you can open the Eclipse Marketplace client and search for phaser, or you can do it through this Update Site, or install it offline with the zip of the Update Site .

One time the plugin is installed, you can open a Phaser Chains view with a CTRL+I key or with the menu Window > Show View > Other > Phaser Chains.

IntelliJ IDEA native installer

To install Phaser Chains on IntelliJ IDEA just open the plugins dialog of the IDEA settings. This is the plugin's page in the JetBrains plugin registry.
Also you can download the ZIP and install it locally.

To open the Phaser Chains tool window, go to the main menu Tool > Phaser Chains or type CTRL+SHIFT+I.

Integration with other editors

You can integrate Phaser Chains with any other editor containing a "web view". For example, Eclipse has an Internal Web Browser view, you can open it and request the URL:

It opens a webpage with a compact layout. So yo can do the same in any other editor or IDE. If the webpage is not displaying correctly, probably it is because the used browser (Internet Explorer?) is not compatible. Note the word &eclipse at the end of the URL. You should write there the name of your editor, in this way we can know the most used editors and provide better support for them in the future.