Wrong Inventory with WPML

Issue #288 resolved
Valentina R created an issue

Example: Inventory 5, book 1 appointment and creates 2 appointments (each language). Inventory gets reduced to 3, but it should be 4.

Reported here: https://bizzthemes.com/forums/topic/order-one-unit-per-slot-get-two-units-per-slot/

And here: https://bizzthemes.com/forums/topic/maximum-reservation-per-slot/

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  1. Valentina R reporter

    In the second link (2 languages), when Inventory is 8 and I book 2 slots, it says there are 4 spaces left, but I can book 6. So it's different from the first example. But the second link uses BWP Minify plugin in case that can interfeer in any way.

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