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Setup updated.

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-include contrib/event-0.4-diesel.tar.gz
-include contrib/libevent-1.4.12-stable.tar.gz
-include contrib/bogus.pyx
 include LICENSE
 recursive-include examples *.py
 from setuptools import setup
+VERSION = "0.9.0b"
-	version="0.9.0b",
+	version=VERSION,
 	author="Boomplex LLC",
+	author_email="",
+	description="Diesel is a generator-based asynchronous I/O library for Python",
+	long_description='''
+diesel is a framework for writing network applications using asynchronous 
+I/O in Python.
+It uses Python's generators to provide a friendly syntax for coroutines 
+and continuations. It performs well and handles high concurrency with ease.
+An HTTP/1.1 implementation is included as an example, which can be used 
+for building web applications.
+	url="",
+	download_url="" % VERSION, 
 	packages=["diesel", "diesel.protocols"],