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Issue #6 open

Remove loops and services from Application on the fly

Gustaw Lewandowski
created an issue


I created a patch allowing remove services and loops on running application. It would be use for example for run service in given time period etc.




from diesel import Application, Service, Loop, sleep from diesel.protocols import http

Pre-gen, since it's static..

content = "Hello, World!" headers = http.HttpHeaders() headers.add('Content-Length', len(content)) headers.add('Content-Type', 'text/plain')

def hello_http(req): return http.http_response(req, 200, headers, content)

def http_manager(): while True: app.add_service(Service(http.HttpServer(hello_http),\ 8888, name='http')) print "HTTP server start" yield sleep(10) app.del_service('http') print "HTTP server stop" yield sleep(10)

app = Application() app.add_loop(Loop(http_manager)) app.run() }}}

Thanks, Gustaw

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