diesel / examples / combined.py

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# vim:ts=4:sw=4:expandtab
'''Combine Client, Server, and Loop, in one crazy app.

Just give it a run and off it goes.

import time
from diesel import Application, Service, Client, Loop, until, call, response

def handle_echo(remote_addr):
    while True:
        message = yield until('\r\n')
        yield "you said: %s" % message

class EchoClient(Client):
    def echo(self, message):
        yield message + '\r\n'
        back = yield until("\r\n")
        yield response(back)

app = Application()

def do_echos():
    client = EchoClient()
    client.connect('localhost', 8000)
    t = time.time()
    for x in xrange(5000):
        msg = "hello, world #%s!" % x
        echo_result = yield client.echo(msg)
        assert echo_result.strip() == "you said: %s" % msg
    print '5000 loops in %.2fs' % (time.time() - t)

app.add_service(Service(handle_echo, port=8000))
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