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__MySQLdb = __import__('MySQLdb')
globals().update(dict([(var, getattr(__MySQLdb, var))
                       for var in dir(__MySQLdb)
                       if not var.startswith('__')]))
__all__ = __MySQLdb.__all__
__patched__ = ["connect", "Connect", 'Connection', 'connections']

from eventlet import tpool

__orig_connections = __import__('MySQLdb.connections').connections

def Connection(*args, **kw):
    conn = tpool.execute(__orig_connections.Connection, *args, **kw)
    return tpool.Proxy(conn, autowrap_names=('cursor',))
connect = Connect = Connection

# replicate the MySQLdb.connections module but with a tpooled Connection factory
class MySQLdbConnectionsModule(object):
connections = MySQLdbConnectionsModule()
for var in dir(__orig_connections):
    if not var.startswith('__'):
        setattr(connections, var, getattr(__orig_connections, var))
connections.Connection = Connection

cursors = __import__('MySQLdb.cursors').cursors
converters = __import__('MySQLdb.converters').converters

# TODO support instantiating cursors.FooCursor objects directly
# TODO though this is a low priority, it would be nice if we supported
# subclassing