eventlet / AUTHORS

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Original Authors
* Bob Ippolito
* Donovan Preston

* R\. Tyler Ballance
* Denis Bilenko
* AG Projects
* Mike Barton
* Gregory Holt
* Chet Murthy
* radix
* Patrick Carlisle

Linden Lab Contributors
* John Beisley
* Tess Chu
* Nat Goodspeed
* Dave Kaprielian
* Kartic Krishnamurthy
* Bryan O'Sullivan
* Kent Quirk
* Ryan Williams

Thanks To
* AdamKG, giving the hint that invalid argument errors were introduced post-0.9.0
* Luke Tucker, bug report regarding wsgi + webob
* Chuck Thier, reporting a bug in
* Brantley Harris, reporting bug #4
* Taso Du Val, reproing an exception squelching bug, saving children's lives  ;-)
* Sergey Shepelev, PEP 8 police  :-), reporting bug #5, design and implementations of convenience functions listen and connect  
* Luci Stanescu, for reporting twisted hub bug
* Marcus Cavanaugh, for test case code that has been incredibly useful in tracking down bugs
* Brian Brunswick, for many helpful questions and suggestions on the mailing list
* Cesar Alaniz, for uncovering bugs of great import
* the grugq, for contributing patches, suggestions, and use cases
* Ralf Schmitt, for wsgi/webob incompatibility bug report and suggested fix