About ===== A small python script that can be wired up to synchronize your files with an Amazon S3 account. Provides logging functionality. Requirements ============ dgsync - Setup ===== 1. Set LOG_FILE. Specify a path for the log file. 2. Set DGTOOLS_ACCESS_KEY. Specify your Amazon access key. 3. Set DGTOOLS_SECRET_KEY. Specify your Amazon secret key. 4. Set BUCKETS. Specify a dictionary of buckets and local directories with the s3 url as the key and local directory as the value. 5. Make executable and wire it up with the crontab. 6. ? 7. Profit. Example Configuration --------------------- LOG_FILE = "/home/user/bin/log/syncs3.log" DGTOOLS_ACCESS_KEY = "Your_Amazon_Access_Key" DGTOOLS_SECRET_KEY = "Your_Amazon_Secret_Key" BUCKETS = { "s3://my-bucket/Videos/": "/home/user/Videos", "s3://my-bucket/Pictures/": "/home/user/Pictures", }