For those individuals who have a huge DVD library.  This app utilizes the admin and allows a user to add/search/sort their movies.

When adding a movie in the django admin you only need to type the title.  The app will perform an ajax request to the Netflix API and populate a drop down with matches.  Once you have found your match select it and click save.  The app will populate all related information about the movie(runtime, rating, description, cover art, etc.).

If when adding a movie there are multiple titles matching the name entered you will be taken to another page which lists all of the movies with the cover art and year allowing you to select the correct movie before saving.

1) The django admin must be installed.
2) The app requires Netlfix API access.  Sign up here:
3) The app uses another one of my projects to interface with the Netflix API and can be found here:

The following settings must be defined in order to use the app:
- NETFLIX_APP_NAME - The name of the app given to Netflix during API registration.
- NETFLIX_API_KEY - Your Netflix API key
- NETFLIX_API_SECRET - Your Netflix API secret