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  2. makeiso


makeiso / mkiso / videotypes.py

This file contains classes of possible video types and each class is
responsible for defining how it converts it's filetype to a MPEG2 compaitable
import re

from utils import run_cmd

class InvalidVideoFormatError(Exception):

    def __str__(self):
        return "%s is not a valid video format." % (self.args[0], )

class VideoFile(object):

    def __init__(self, filename):
        self.filename = filename
        self.mpg_file = ".".join(filename.split('.')[:-1]) + ".mpg"

    def get_convert_cmd(self):

    def convert(self):
        return run_cmd(self.get_convert_cmd())

class MkvFile(VideoFile):

    STREAM_RE = re.compile(

    def get_convert_cmd(self):
        vstream, astream = self.get_streams()
        return "ffmpeg -threads 2 -v 1 -i %s -r ntsc -target dvd -b 4771k -s 720x480 -acodec copy -copyts -aspect 16:9 %s -map %s -map %s" % (
            self.filename, self.mpg_file, vstream, astream)

    def get_streams(self):
        cmd = "ffmpeg -i %s" % (self.filename, )
        info = run_cmd(cmd, show_output=True)
        matches = self.STREAM_RE.findall(info)
        if matches[0][-1] == 'Audio':
            audio = matches[0][0]
            video = matches[1][0]
            audio = matches[1][0]
            video = matches[0][0]
        return (video, audio)

class AviFile(VideoFile):

    def get_convert_cmd(self):
        return "ffmpeg -i %s -target ntsc-dvd -aspect 16:9 -sameq %s" % (
            self.filename, self.mpg_file)

class Mp4File(VideoFile):

    def get_convert_cmd(self):
        return "ffmpeg -i %s -target ntsc-dvd -aspect 16:9 -s 720x480 %s" % (
            self.filename, self.mpg_file)