The plugin deploys a webapp from its source into an embedded glassfish instance.
The run goal does not build a WAR, instead it builds an exploded WAR inside the
project's build directory (target) using symbolic links to the source under the
project's webapp folder (src/main/webapp) and copying the rest (resources, classes, lib).

Is this a hack? Sort of hack-ish... I consider it a time saver. The symbolic links
allow editing of the JSF, HTML, etc. in-place under src/main/webapp and the effects
are seen immediately with a browser refresh. This ability is similar to Jetty's and
Tomcat's maven plugins with respect to their running of an unassembled webapp.


Maven Generated Site


mvn glassfish-inplace:run





The plugin is available from the Maven Central Repository, thanks to
Sonatype OSS Repository Hosting.