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The Bitbucket Extension

This is an extension for Mercurial that adds bb: and bb+ssh: URL schemes for accessing Bitbucket repositories, in emulation of bzr's lp: URL scheme for accessing Bazaar repositories on Launchpad.

The URL formats are:

  • bb://username/repository
  • bb+ssh://username/repository

The bb: scheme translates to an https: URL, whereas the bb+ssh: scheme translates to an ssh: URL.

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  1. Obtain a complete source tree of the Bitbucket extension, either using hg clone or by downloading and unpacking a tarball.
  2. Copy the bitbucketrepo directory from that tree into a directory of your choosing. (I created ~/.hgext and put it there.)
  3. Edit your ~/.hgrc.
  4. Add an [extensions] section, if there isn't one already.
  5. In the [extensions] section, add this line (making sure to replace this pathname with the real path to the extension):
bitbucketrepo = /path/to/bitbucketrepo