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Growl / License.txt

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Peter Hosey
Updated a bunch of copyright years. I hope this is all of them.
Peter Hosey
Update the copyright year in the license, including in the Growl Installer package.
Update copyright to 2008 and version for 1.1.3b1.
Updated license copyright year
Updated copyright year
Updated copright year
Removing garbage characters and adding a terminating newline.
Changing the license. Using the official BSD license, in current form. If ANYONE has any issues with this, take it up with me. This should be the last change to this license file we will have in a very long time, but watch commits for another week if you want to be sure on this. Sorry if this affects anyone, I don't think it will but if it does, PLEASE contact me as soon as possible.
Moved the third stanza from the license to the readme so that we are more compatible with multiple licenses. We should now be compatible with most or any license. This means the gpl haters will like us, and the shareware haters will like us, and the commercial app makers will like us. Heck, apple may even copy us now :D
Adding a license that is modified bsd license, and adding a list of apps that Growl is being used in.