ISO 8601 parser/unparser / NSCalendarDate+ISO8601Unparsing.h

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 /*This addition unparses dates to ISO 8601 strings. A good introduction to ISO 8601: <>
+//The default separator for time values. Currently, this is ':'.
+extern unichar ISO8601UnparserDefaultTimeSeparatorCharacter;
 @interface NSCalendarDate(ISO8601Unparsing)
+- (NSString *)ISO8601DateStringWithTime:(BOOL)includeTime timeSeparator:(unichar)timeSep;
+- (NSString *)ISO8601WeekDateStringWithTime:(BOOL)includeTime timeSeparator:(unichar)timeSep;
+- (NSString *)ISO8601OrdinalDateStringWithTime:(BOOL)includeTime timeSeparator:(unichar)timeSep;
 - (NSString *)ISO8601DateStringWithTime:(BOOL)includeTime;
 - (NSString *)ISO8601WeekDateStringWithTime:(BOOL)includeTime;
 - (NSString *)ISO8601OrdinalDateStringWithTime:(BOOL)includeTime;
 //includeTime: YES.
+- (NSString *)ISO8601DateStringWithTimeSeparator:(unichar)timeSep;
+- (NSString *)ISO8601WeekDateStringWithTimeSeparator:(unichar)timeSep;
+- (NSString *)ISO8601OrdinalDateStringWithTimeSeparator:(unichar)timeSep;
+//includeTime: YES.
 - (NSString *)ISO8601DateString;
 - (NSString *)ISO8601WeekDateString;
 - (NSString *)ISO8601OrdinalDateString;
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