1. Peter Hosey
  2. ISO 8601 parser/unparser


ISO 8601 parser/unparser / Makefile

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Peter Hosey
Massive rewrite. The parser and unparser are now together in a single NSFormatter subclass, and are now based on NSCalendar and NSDateComponents instead of NSCalendarDate. The parser remains more or less unchanged. Two-thirds of the unparser is now based on NSDateFormatter, which handles that portion of ISO 8601 string-formatting more or less for free; the part not handled for free is week dates (because NSCalendar has a different idea of when the week starts), and that unparser also remains more or less unchanged.
Peter Hosey
Changed how we test the unparser results: Consider the expected results to be the “old” version, and refer to them in the test_files subdirectory, where they reside.
Completed the burnination of the old Parser folder. This is a combined parser/unparser project now.