ISO 8601 parser/unparser / ISO8601DateFormatter.h

Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Peter Hosey avatarPeter Hosey
Added a method to drop the cache if you get a memory warning.
Peter Hosey avatarPeter Hosey
Two calendars are better than one.
Peter Hosey avatarPeter Hosey
Another 5× speed-up: Create and always use a single calendar per date formatter, instead of creating them and throwing them away, and make sure it always has our default time zone.
Peter Hosey avatarPeter Hosey
Made this almost ten times as fast by holding onto the date formatter we use for unparsing.
Default avatar Peter Hosey
Massive rewrite. The parser and unparser are now together in a single NSFormatter subclass, and are now based on NSCalendar and NSDateComponents instead of NSCalendarDate.
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